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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aint that a kick in the head

Why is it that a soon as guy has f*cked me around enough to make me fully lose interest, he seems to start being nice again... and despite my best attempts to ignore him, to remind myself how appalling his behaviour was and refuse to get drawn back in, I find myself staring at my phone, willing it to beep in with a text. 

I was seeing BP for about 6 weeks before his erratic behaviour, his hot and cold attention span and his unfounded enjoyment in 'pushing my buttons' to wind me up into an argument grew tiresome and I wrote him off and we called it a day. 

Ironically, in the conversations we've had during the 3 weeks since then, he's been open, warm, funny, thoughtful and interesting.  So with much apprehension, I agreed to meet up with him two nights ago to catch up over a FRIENDLY dinner. 

And BAM. It's almost as if, by having 'the chat' and deciding that we weren't cut out for a relationship, the pressure immediately came off and the natural, relaxed interaction that sprung up in it's place is exactly what we couldn't find before.

So here I am again... distracted at work, wondering if he is also fighting 'second thoughts' that maybe there could be a chance at something developing between us.

One thing is for sure.  I am definitely not going to mention it to him. If something is starting to plant roots and get ready to blossom, the LAST thing I need to do is smother it with obsessive compulsive analysis.

No.  Instead, I will accept that invitation for a blind date that a friend has been trying to set up and put BP out of my mind.  For today anyway!

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