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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hear me roar!!!

I know women have been screaming this from the hilltops since the dawn of time, but let me repeat myself... MEN ARE ASSHOLES!

What is it about the lesser sex of our species (ignorant fucks that they are) that makes the most simple situation so ridiculously complicated?

Seriously.  When I was a little girl there were no Enid Blighton novels or Golden fairy tale books about princesses growing up to fall for commitment-phobic assholes who took them for granted and fucked them over and "thought they were totally awesome but just weren't in love with them" (despite sending 40-plus text messages a day or having to talk on the phone at night or else they 'couldn't fall asleep') and destroyed their self esteem until they were pitiful shells of their former selves. 

Life surely isn't meant to be this ridiculously hard.  How can it be so easy for some people to find a wonderful partner and so impossible for the rest of us? 

No. It's Bullshit. I don't concurr. Where do I lodge my application for appeal? To whom is in charge here and when is that motherfucker going to send my prince charming my way?

I don't feel the need to get more specific right now about the douche in particular who sparked this tirade.  I'm sure all of you women can relate and insert relevant name here:  ________ is a massive c-bomb.

Hold on to your hats.  Beryl is back and has some shockers to share.  As soon as I finish wallowing in self pity, among the dregs in the bottom of the Johnny Walker bottle that is.

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