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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alarm bells

I got to work this morning, prepared for my lunch date with GP (i.e. open-minded and positive) only to be greeted with the following email… 

Good Morning Beryl

I hope you had a good night sleep, you need to be well rested, after all you never know what the day may bring!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Live life as if it was your first day,
Live life as if it was your last day,
Life live as a gift,
Live life with honour and integrity,
Live life with compassion,
Live life with passion,
Live life.

Well, that is enough for my whimsical frame of mind this morning : )


My face fell, my heart sunk to the pit of my stomach and loud warning bells started ringing in my ears. 

After about an hour of crisis talks with friends, I replied with:

Good morning,

Wow, Not really sure how to respond to that one...  Not used to starting my day with a motivational pep talk!


Thankfully my subtle message must have hit home, as he replied with:

I hope the email did not throw you off too much. I find that on the 30 minute bus trip in my mind wanders and things like what I sent to you just float through my mind. I am definitely not an ‘up there and at em, we can conquer the world’ type of guy.  Generally, I start laughing when hear that type of stuff . . . hmm . . . maybe in retrospect my email was a bit strange. Oh well, a bit strange is also part of who I am, it helps to balance out the serious analytical side.

… and then called me to apologise again, and make sure I wasn’t going to stand him up for lunch.

Feeling slightly less panicky, I assured him no permanent damage had been done, and we were back on track. 

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