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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Analyze this...

So I had lunch with GP on Friday, and unfortunately there were a distinct lack of sparks. 

He was nice but sooooo BOR-RING! he just kept going on and on and on with random boring stories. I couldn't say anything without him replying 'Oh, that reminds me of this one time when..."

He would ask me a questions, sit patiently through my reply and then launch into the BIG long story about something. It felt like the question was just an excuse to bring up a topic that he could talk about.

Like, he asked me what made me decide to take up rock drumming lessons this year, and after my response (of a suitable length), he launched into this monologue about how he...

"Finds it SO fascinating that I'm learning the drums... I love how people have so many sides to them, its so fascinating - it's like everyone has their own world made up of so many unique and different parts... and there are all these different worlds in the universe.  Like, every person is a mosaic made up of tiny little pieces or elements and they make up a bigger picture. And depending on which angle you look at them from, you see a different side... That reminds me of the tiles in my grandparent's old bathroom. There were lots of tiny little tiles and each time I looked at them I'd see a different picture. It was so amazing. It's like those 3D pictures where you see unicorns and stuff sometimes. It's so fascinating. "

By this time I was face down asleep in my Caesar salad.

We vaguely discussed seeing a movie next Wednesday night and he suggested 'Eat Pray Love'. No way Jose! The last thing this guys needs is more life philosophy!!!

After escaping lunch I walked back to work, pondering the best way to nip this thing in the bud and avoid any future 'Dr Phil'-type sessions, only to get back to me desk to find an email saying what a great time he'd had and did I want him to pick me up for the movies on Wednesday.

Since most of our interaction had taken place over the email, I decided it wasn't too inappropriate to let him down in the same manner.   Hence I sent a carefully worded response, letting him know that I enjoyed lunch (Lie!) and even though he was quite lovely (true), unfortunately I wasn't sure that the chemistry was there for us to have a romantic relationship.

He responded very graciously, saying that he understood, hoped I found someone special soon, and wished me the best of luck. 

What a relief.  Nice guy, but not for me! 

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  1. I could totally see the image of you listening to him rant on about his grandparents tiles, your eyes rolling back in your head and you crashing down face first into your Ceasar salad.

    Comedy gold!