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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slim pickin's

Again, it's been awhile between posts but by the time you finish reading this entry, you will understand exactly why!

I'm still kind of seeing BP, and the disaster of a shithouse relationship we had when I last blogged about him has kind of mutated into a strange friendship, loosely based on support and mutual respect.  We still hook up regularly but somehow seemed to drop our guards and get really comfortable with each other and have actually become quite good mates. 

So we've been spending quite a bit of time talking and hanging out and with his encouragement to keep looking for a man who can make me completely happy (he openly admits he can only tick a few boxes), I've called a hiatus on the 'Off Season' and put myself back in the game

(BTW - I know that doesn't make much sense... "the horrible ex that I'm still sleeping with has become a good friend and is encouraging me to date and find someone better than him to settle down with".  I fully get how mental that is, but have given up trying to understand it or fight it and am just going with it.)

So I've ventured back onto the internet, with mixed results. 

Firstly I started chatting to a really cool guy who is living in Japan but is moving back to Brissy early next year.  Lets call him JS.  I really liked the sound of his profile and felt like we had a good rapport going, but it's been a week and a half since I last emailed him with no response.  Not sure if he's busy or lost interest or died or whatever, but can't be bothered to dwell on it, so I've been sussing out what else is out there.

Any sadly, there isn't much.  A few lueke warm prospects but nothing good enough to get me hot under the collar.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of internet dating or have been too nervous, then brace yourselves, because I'm about to share a doozy.

This guy sent me a couple of emails and while still very much in the 'getting to know you' stage, decided to go with this (note, I won't correct his typos, just so you get the full affect):

"Hello again,

Yeah, Camping is cool... but you realy need some one to go with. I don`t mind getting away from it all and escaping.. But then like to bring some of the mod cons with me! Yeah that doesn`t make sence...

If ou had like a house on some land.. you could probibly have a camp fire.. But i don`t think they let you do it everywere. I know some camping places you can`t now.. it`s gas only..

I've been working on special water testing probes at work for the last few weeks. Out of the first batch of like 16 probes.. on 2 have made it to the final tests (and may ultamately fail..) Been realy demorilinsing... you put all the work into them.. and get nothing in the end!

But my second batch is looking better.. i have 8 probes (1 complete batch) have all made it to the final final tests! will find out tomorrow if they are all good!

Then i have to go onto the remaining probes... and see if i can figure out more was.... to figure out what is going on with them!

I know it might sound borring.. but each prob is diffrent.. so has alot of variety!

My car is an older Pulsar.. It`s a good car.. but everthing wears out in the end and needs to be replaced... And you know what money pits cars can be!

Anyway.. hope i haven`t borred you to much...

What does your weekend hold? Any palns?


I still don't really know what this guys does for a living.  I'm assuming from all the 'probe talk' that he's in some kind of science field but really couldn't find the strength within myself to reply to this email, hence I never found out.

So yeah, internet dating is awesome again so far!  But I have a sneaky suspicion there is going to be PLENTY of fodder for blogging, so stay tuned : )

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